Split Method

Fastest Backhand & Forehand improvement

First phase takes only 2 or 3 lessons in 2 or 3 days
to improve and totally fix one of the ground strokes.
This applies to advanced and intermediate level!

3x Money Back Guarantee

Mili Split is probably the only coach who dares to
give 3 times money back guarantee: to fix and improve
any ground stroke in couple of days, usually 2 or 3
with 1 lesson per day. Not rare, we get it fixed
during the 1st session – but only if followed the
method’s rules precisely!

Unique Coaching Certification

Learning Mili’s teaching secrets will make any coach stand out.
After 2 or 3 months course, a coach can do the same what Mili does.
Promise and guarantee.

Split Method - Improve Your Tennis Game

Coach? Get the MSM Know How and stand out as a coach among thousands! Player? Improve fast with unique scientific methodology.

Author of the method, Mili Split Veljkovic, is PTR Professional  and the coach who gives even 3 times money back guarantee for the promise he gives.MSM (Mili Split Method) is probably the fastest way to improve the bio mechanics any of Ground Strokes, unless they are already “perfect”.

Mili’s Split Method recreates ground-strokes. Keep in mind that there are several types of Forehands and Backhands: top spin, flat, on the rise, slice . The 1st phase duration of Mili Split Method is 6 days and 6 sleeping nights. It is consisted of carefully thought out mental and physical exercises that for sure tune-up Backhand and Forehand’s bio mechanics.

Many world known tennis and sport names agree that it is one of fastest and most efficient techniques that tune up the bio mechanics. The 1st phase considers hitting easier balls with 30% slower speed.

I do recommend “Must 6 Lessons in 7 Days Course”, with 6 sleeping nights in a row, for total “tune-up” and memory retention of Forehand and Backhand. This is only the First Phase of bio-mechanic treatment! My method will make you forget your errors! Only then, you are ready for “modern tennis” stance and competition technique! Only then!

Mili Split Coach of Month
This tennis teaching technique accelerates neurogenesis i.e. re-learning proses. Split Method makes you hit more accurate balls, improves stability what means - much longer rally, totally tunes up bio-mechanics, develops more soft and elegant moves and as always - such sudden comprehensive fast improvement boosts your self-esteem!
Nenad Zimonjic about Mili's Split Method

What is your level on the scale from 1 to 10? To have “10” is not difficult. The “Must 7 Day course” is made for Forehand and  Backhand spin total treatment. What the method does? Longer effortless rallies and more more precision.
The first phase is 6 lessons (1.5h) in 6 days and 6 sleeping nights!

Level “10 of 10” is when you can easily and correctly hit more than 10 balls  in a row toward the chosen target. Arms should be relaxed and in total balance. Good weight transition is a Must!

“Ask” the “Prediction Graph” how much more time you need until you reach the level “10”. This graph can be used for any aspect of our life as memorizing a poem for school – to learn the whole poem by hart would be “level 10” .

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Why choose us?

  • Best possible Quality : Price relation!
  • Huge Time Saving (see our “Prediction Graph”)
  • All Courses are Personally held by Mili
  • THREE Times Money Back Guarantee!!!
  • Clear Promise – we show animation and videos of how the stroke must look like exactly!
  • 100% successful statistic, in last 7 years – all 700 players (all levels) have improved a lot without any exception!
  • Even if one has been playing for 20 or 30 years!
  • You will be able to show off, you will ENJOY more!

YouTube Channel

Tennis, aggressive drive volley practice - 3,5 months

Tennis practice lesson - March, Mili Split

1 of starting exercises for slice serve

Total Tennis beginner Oli - Forehand after 6 lessons with Mili Split

Tennis Coach Mili Split - Forehand

Tennis - How to do a Drop shot - coach Mili Split

Tennis getting into Backhand slice after 3 months of work