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Mili’s clinics from December 2015  is in NOVAK  (Djokovic) Tennis Center –
Belgrade, Serbia)
2. From April 30, at the moment, Mili holds his tennis clinics as RTC  in exclusive resort Constance Halaveli in Maldives!
March 2016 Mili was guest coach in prestigious  Barcelona Tennis Academy!

Before (2015) : Queens club(London), Tel Aviv private and state AcademyPorto Carras(Greece) , Ibiza tennis club,  Bol Brac (Croatia)

Coach Mili designed so fast and strong method (improves BH and FH) – that always leaves students surprised.  IS YOUR TECHNIQUE PERFECT?
If BH spin is not perfect yet, with “3-day-exercise”( per stroke) – it will be!

2014 August: Tennis Clinic in Bol, Croatia   ,  Jun: Porto Montenegro,  May: Tel Aviv, Assaf Ingber Tennis Academy and Wingate Sport Academy,  September: Porto Carras

This Technique ie Method recreates a ground stroke.
It is made of 3 day exercises that for sure can improve One Handed Backhand, Forehand and 2-HB.
Many world known tennis and sport names agree that it is one of fastest ie strongest techniques that tune up the biomechanics.
The 1st phase considers hitting easier balls with 30% slower speed.
I do recommend “Must 6 Lessons in 7 Days Course”, with 6 sleeping nights in a row, for total “tune-up” and memory retention of Forehand and Backhand. This is only the First Phase of bio-mechanic treatment!
My method will make you forget your errors! Only then, you are ready for “modern tennis” stance and competition technique! Only then!

No.1 Serbian newspapers “Politika” from this April wrote
about Mili’s method

This tennis teaching technique accelerates neurogenesis i.e. re-learning proses. Split Method makes you hit more accurate balls, improves stability what means – much longer rally, totally tunes up bio-mechanics, develops more soft and elegant moves and as always – such sudden comprehensive fast improvement boosts your self-esteem!

Politika, read all

“7 Day Course” brings you technical grade 9 or 10 of 10!

Easy to customize What is your level on the scale from 1 to 10? To have “10” is not difficult. The “Must 7 Day course” is made for Forehand and  Backhand spin total treatment. What the method does? Longer effortless rallies and more more precision. The first phase is 6 lessons (1.5h) in 6 days and 6 sleeping nights!Read more

Assessing your tennis technique from 5 to 10? What is 10?

Documentation Level “10 of 10” is when you can easily and correctly hit more than 10 balls  in a row toward the chosen target. Arms should be relaxed and in total balance. Good weight transition is a Must!Read more

Prediction graph! How long your skill needs to reach grade “10”?

Browser compatible “Ask” the “Prediction Graph” how much more time you need until you reach the level “10”. This graph can be used for any aspect of our life as memorizing a poem for school – to learn the whole poem by hart would be “level 10” .Read more

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