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Mili, tennis coach as PTR speaker

Be the tennis instructor with such a certification that will provide you the pragmatic knowledge that you will stand out.

My name is Mili Split Veljkovic and I needed 20 years to create my Mili Split Method (patented in 2007) that can fix any “bad habit” in
forehand or backhand in 3 days. Through 2 or 3 months of tennis instruction certification period i.e. course, I will personally teach you the secrets that will change your tennis teaching life.

The technique’s efficient rate is 100%, because it is scientific method.


Being tennis instructor with certification, like PTR is a “must”. I can offer to tennis teachers to become top world class specialists for One Handed Backhand and Forehand by teaching them how to use my “secret” Split method.

When I do courses, I offer even 3 times money back guarantee to anybody … to any tennis player who is advanced or intermediate level. Even if a player has been playing for 10 or 30 years – the new, perfect bio-mechanical stroke will be memorized.

How is this possible?

Definitely with reduced speed i.e. power first week or two, but the whole stroke production will be brought to junior competition level. I don’t correct the error, I make client forget the old move, while i teach him/her the new one. The trick in my teaching of the new Backhand or Forehand is to keep everything what was good, and we will by-pass and over-bridge the old bad habits.

In the worst case, to improve significantly, it will take 3 days and 3 sleeping nights. Let me repeat – in the worst case!

What does it mean, in a real life, when I say – improve?What can I say to a new client?

What do I claim that I can fix?

Player can improve on many levels but lets focus on the improvement that we can measure. Everything what is not a technique – can NOT improve fast. Everything else depends on him, but to improve one’s forehand or backhand – depends on me! This is the beauty of this program. The method’s effect can’t fail.

When a new client is about to come to me and to pay higher price, first thing I do is to determine mutual agreement on the level he is on. So how can we measure the technique level? Simply, the perfect bio-mechanic – is 10! Being able to hit effortlessly longer than 10 balls rallies – is 10! Having all balls near / on the target – is 10! Being after each hit in totally still balanced position – is 10.

We together watch videos, and together with the client we assess the strokes and if we agree on at least 1 problem – we can start with the treatment then.

Every error has a cure. I don’t say that my method is the best, I just say that after 1, 2 or 3 days all the elements mentioned will be for 10 or 9.5. The speed limit must not cross 50 or 60% of usual maximum used.

This 100% safe and sure results allow me to approach to any junior competition player or advanced recreational, club payer whose overall technique is not “10” YET!

This my alluring, with such promises and guarantees, brings me clients where ever I go on this planet. There is no this feeling that I can maybe fail because of student’s mistake! It’s impossible that one could fail, the method is too strong – only if that person doesn’t obey the agreed rules.
If some person doesn’t want to listen – I stop the lesson and keep the money.

As far as I am concern, he/she could fake it. Everybody has 30′ to give up on my program – I announce that time mile-stone and after that – there is no refund, nor pulling back : )

Why so strict rules? Because things I tell and show you – you will not hear anywhere. Call it chef’s secret.

You can know that, too!

Apart of these 2 strokes, all other elements of tennis technique I teach with PTR methodology and I help in preparations for PTR Certification. PTR certified coaches

If you want to apply to some teaching position keep in mind that there are bunch of guys aiming for the same goal.

What will you need to get desired job? A diploma saying that you are certified coach or instructor? Have a look into some register of tennis teachers. You will see
thousands of tennis pros with various certifications.

Do you think that only the “higher rank” gets the job? That does help but the confidence and profound knowledge will put you to stand out from the crowd.

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