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FROM 5 TO 10, WHERE ABOUT IS YOUR LEVEL OF TECHNIQUE? LET'S SAY BACKHAND SPIN? WHAT DO YOU THINK?  WHAT YOUR COACH THINKS?  YOUR TENNIS FRIENDS? GET THE AVERAGE NUMBER! ALSO, WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER OF YEARS INVESTED INTO THE CURRANT TECHNIQUE'S LEVEL. This is fun but also scientific algorithm that calculates how long someone needs to achieve the desired level (usually everybody wants 10 or 9 or 9.5).   1. SKIP THE BLACK FRAMED 2 FIELDS AND GO TO THE 1st RED FIELD "T(Time) - DOUBLE CLICK AND PUT THE NUMBER OF YEARS YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING TENNIS (OR ANY OTHER SKILL) AND, 2. IN THE FIELD BELOW PUT WHAT IS, IN OBJECTIVE OPINION, YOUR SKILL LEVEL .. 3. PRESS ENTER. OUR "PREDICTION TIME NEEDED" WILL SHOW IN YELLOW FIELD HOW FAST DO YOU IMPROVE IN TENNIS?THIS "SKILL IMPROVEMENT PREDICTION GRAP" CAN ROUGHLY CALCULATE WHEN YOU COULD, WITH THE WAY YOU ARE PRACTICING, REACH CERTAIN LEVEL. How much time do you waste? MILI MADE THIS FOR PEOPLE WHO PLAY LONGER THAN 3 YEARS!IN THE 1st FIELDS WE PUT THE DEFOLT NUMBER 3 FOR TIME (YEARS), AND NUMBER 5 AS A QUALITY LEVEL. THE PRESUMPTION IS THAT WE ALL, HUMANS, HAVE QUALITY OF EACH STROKE ON THE LEVEL 5 OF 10, RIGHT? GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! Graph will tell you how much time will you need to reach the level 10 of 10, or level 9, why not. FILL UP RED BOX 1. YEARS OF PLAYING 2. WHAT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS THINK THAT YOUR ForeHand or BackHand Quality LEVEL IS? This fun "prediction teller graph" is for those who don't have perfect skill yet. With Split method I can assure you you will perform on the level f "10" or "9" (if your present level is 7 or below, in about a week. I can do that only for Backhands and Forehands (spin, slice, flat). Usually, better players who already have level 8 or 9 - easily reach the level of 10, on the 1st session! Let me repeat myself - it is not difficult at all to have perfect biomechanics and the whole stroke production. This one is for Backhand and Forehand skills but it can be anything else in our lives. Time can be shown in  years but also in hours. Any skill, any performance Again, this is for those who love tennis and WANT to improve!... Whatever level  you are, there are questions that you should honestly ask yourself: 1. assessing   technique with grades  from 1 to 5, what is your level ? 2. for how long have you been playing you play tennis? 3. how long you have been on that level for? 4. how much time (on and off) you have spent on lessons and studding? 5. how much money have you spent on your learning and practicing? 6. being realistic, when could you approach the level of 5 ? Make the chart and please do the math. Thank you : ) Depending where you are now, take a look at the chart on the right ... <iframe src="" width="1102" height="596" frameborder="1" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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