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It is ideal for getting fast solutions to your problems. That is my niche - the technique i.e. bio-mechanics. WHAT BOTHERS YOU THE MOST? MAKE THE APPOINTMENT! There is no error that can't be cured! mili.veljkovic Go on the court or be at home with the Skype ON! Price per lesson: PayPal  (before the lesson or before the Course ) 30$  per one of the key mistakes 200 $ for fixing one stroke 400 $ for fixing both, and Forehand and Backhand spin 600 $ for fixing Backhand slice on the rise as well 30 $ for a lesson where i control and check out on you after you have done one of the previous lessons The process: 1. Get connected with me via Skype. 2. Put behind you (or your pupil) a mobile phone or lap/top with Skype on 3. Play with a tennis wall or let someone to feed you with balls. 4. I will give you the analysis and diagnosis that will fast help you. 5. Depending of the nature of your problem - we will agree how to continue. 6. Better players usually have few small flaws and fixing that is either 200 $ or 30 per one of the existing mistakes Online Skype Lessons  
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