Split Method


Mili Split Veljković  is former top junior (now top veteran in Serbia) player from Partizan (as Novak, Ana, Yanko …)and has been teaching since 1985 as certified instructor from Serbian Tennis Federationbut from  1986/7 as university graduated tennis professor – coach at University of Belgrade (Sport).

Mili has patented his method (and 5  teaching aids) that quickly improves ground-strokes.

Group tennis lesson - Mili Split
Group tennis lesson – Mili Split


Among many juniors, college players and adults, some are/has been:

top 3 in Serbia (Matija Tesic) and Israel Rene forehand on the rise – with Mili Split, No.1 athlete in Slovenia Saska has been visiting Mili for the 3rd time this year, many top players in adult tennis in Serbia and Israel (Daniel – Backhand improvement with Mili Split, captain of Cambridge college (Rakovic), Greece (Marselos) and New York college (Pecikoza). Also many juniors  keep visiting Mili’s clinics in Belgrade and Bol (Croatia).

No.1 Serbian newspaper Politika made nice artcle about Mili and his teaching.

Some references from world known athletes

Niki Pilić, former coach of Novaj Djoković, after seeing Mili’s presentation was surprised: “Very interesting, I must admit!”

Nened Zimonjic (ATP Doubles No.1 and top 10) spoke highly about Mili’s

One HandedBackhand method but he also said: “Doesn’t matter what we pros, players or coaches, think – the positive effect is too fast and obvious. Method is fantastic for eliminating technical groundstroke errors – but specially I am surprised with one handed backhand results.

Sandra Hilsabeck (PTR Pro and tennis coach who is in the US Tennis Hall of Fame) – Mili’s method inspired her to devoted a a story (No.35 of 40) in her new book (Drop Shot) after seeing Mili’s class on PTR 7-day symposium in Hilton Head Island (N:Carolina).

TJ Walker, famous US media teacherabout Mili’s method.

Igor Milanović, world No 1 waterpolo player and now big tennis fan was also in disbelieve.

Aleks Gajšek, known journalist and now one of the best veterans in Serbia: “Amazing!”

There are more than 700 satisfied pupils in the last 7 years, since when the method got “crystalized”. Every week there is some new college player, junior or adult enthusiast. Beginners also make excellent progress but they need to “struggle” couple years. Yes, there are exceptions – especially if they were previously seriously involved into some sport … preferably the sport with a ball, like football, basketball, handball etc.

Everything depend on one’s coordination ! There are hundred of videos proving the progress “BEFORE AND AFTER the 1st, the most important phase” that usually lasts about 6-7 days, each day about hour and a half of work with a lot of mental and physic exercises.

Mili’s YouTube channel is TennisMethod (Mili Split Method).