Mili Split Method

Tennis Academy

We teach PTR methodology and for groundstrokes we add our MSM exercises

Mili’s Split Method (MSM) Tennis Academy offers some unique programs for all levels. Duration of programs and their intensity vary from person to person. You only say what do you want and we will present you the options.

Tennis academy offers long and short term tennis and education for all levels of players and teachers.

Tennis instructors have rare chance to get tennis teaching certificate from PTR and later, Split Method  F&B certification – license to teach One Handed Backhand and Forehand  with MSM.

Academy’s field of work is improvement of all technical elements, mental condition and fitness.

What is our academy’s main speciality that differ us from others? One Handed Backhand and Forehand’s quick fast improvement.

The Academy could be named – tennis school, but since Mili is professor who also teaches teachers – the school is – academy. Tennis coach certification is beside the clinic the strongest service we offer.

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Tennis Academy