Mili Split Method

Programs and Prices

The Procedure

  • Video recording and assessing of the technique level
  • Agreeing on what is the 1st phase goal
  • Agreeing and signing you don't use the learned "Know-How" in professional purposes
  • Agreeing on the cost - depending of the desired goal and time needed
  • Agreeing to once in a month do the "check in" via Skype
  • We talk about further steps after the "Must Do F&B Course"
  • The course ending is video recording to prove that I have fulfilled the promise
  • The payment is always before the "treatment"

There is a big selection of programs and courses. Some are short and some last for years. Mili teaches mostly in Belgrade, Serbia. Often – by the invitation, Mili does visiting clinics world wide.










After the Must Do FB course

Player& skill level7 and lessfrom 8 to 9.5any after
Duration10 lessons in 2 weeks7 lessons in 1 week50′-55′
Hitting speed/power50-60%60-80%any
FB in moving noyesyes
Hitting in the risenoyesyes
Technique total controlF & BF & Bany element
Price private50050050 + court fee
Price group-individual25025020 per person


Often used 2 week program has 3 levels of intensity

  • 1 to 1.5 h every day  1st week , 3 times on the 2nd week - 600 eu (with the court fee)
  • 2h – every day 1st week, 5 x in 2nd week - 950 eu
  • 3 h per day both weeks – 1500 eu