Become world class coach in 2 to 3 months - Mili Split Method tennis license (MSM)

Tomaz Mencinger and Mili Split Veljkovic PTR Pros with MSM license

Price: Eu 9.900 + agreed franchise percentage contract
Duration: From one to three months of individual teaching
Condition: PTR license , USPTA or similar

“Stand out among thousands of tennis pros. Learn Mili's teaching / learning secrets MSM - Mili Split Method. It is extremely fast effective teaching technique that improves any Forehand or Backhand.

This is the only school that dares to give  3 times money back guarantee for the promised results!”


Mili's unbelievable results since 2008 -  that is why Mili was invited by the new director Vladan Nikolic to teach in Novak Djokovic Tennis Center in Belgrade - Danko Vasovic,  journalist

Why would you want the Mili-Split Method (MSM) Licence?

The simple answer is that the MSM is the most effective and efficient method of correcting both one-handed backhand and forehand spin techniques.

Being in possession of an MSM (Mili Split Method) license places you at a distinct marketing advantage of other coaches, in that you will be able to virtually guarantee improved results to your clients.

The Mili-Split Method is sure to improve the forehand and one-handed backhand technique of any player, over the course of only one week, practicing just 1.5 hours per day.

Tennis Coach CertificationThis qualification is sought after throughout the world and because it is so effective, it means that you will be able to coach more clients and therefore, make more money.

An MSM qualification is sure to make you stand out amongst your coaching competitors, as you will be one of the few who can offer a money-back guarantee to clients if there is not a measurable improvement in their performance.

It just makes sense – these qualifications are sought after in the top clubs worldwide and tend to the needs of the most demanding clients.  This technique allows even the most heavily booked coaches to spend less time on the court, while making even more money.

While similar to tennis coaching techniques in other countries, we have certain specialities here in Belgrade Serbia – for example the Mili-Split Method/License/Franchise.

It is distinctly advantageous to you as a coach to have certain tennis teaching secrets – particularly when trying to attract new clients.  While there are certain universal rules with regard to both learning and teaching tennis, one key ability for a coach is to be able to assist the client in first detecting and then correcting  problems with their backhand and forehand – if they are to be world-class players.

We believe that the best way to undo errors, is not to do them – and to replace them with the correct techniques.  And I have isolated some very specific steps to help you help your client achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.  And… I have developed a technique that works as a 100% solutions to all groundstroke problems and… IT IS RISK FREE!!!

Human are teachable, marvelous creatures, create too wonderful for living just twenty, thirty, forty or more years and then be gone. Mili wants to help students with their struggles here on earth and give them an understanding of the miracle of creation and the gift of Heaven. I am thankful God gave Mili a mind capable of learning and teaching. Many People have benefited because of his caring of them - About Mili Veljkovic from PRo Sandra Hilsabeck book: "Drop Shot"

The first phase takes up to one week with results that are obvious to both the player and their spectators – regardless of how long they have been playing.

To learn more, watch our videos on YouTube, by searching “TennisMethod”.

Once you’ve acquired this unique set of coaching skills, you too will be able to guarantee results to your clients and there are not many coaches out there who can offer this to their clients.  This in itself is bound to increase the demand for your services and may be the most useful thing you ever do for your coaching career.

These skills are available nowhere else in the world.  It took me twenty years to develop this method and I’d be happy to share it with you.

Ok, important question is where abroad do you teach or would you teach?

If you are in some rich place you can make huge money using this marketing advantage. I am in the poorest country in Europe and around and i charge 7 lessons in 7 days 400 euro + the court fee and it is almost 500 euro. People ie players don't  pay me per lesson but for the goal and achievement because i am someone who dares to offer money as a guarantee that FINALLY THEY WILL/SHALL FIX THEIR BH / FH THAT IS TROUBLING THEM FOR YEARS ! Thats the catch.

Who are we talking about?

Players of different ages that have been playing for years and taking lessons more or less. STUCK !

Do you thing u understand my point ?

Sorry, but with all your experience and diplomas honestly, can u give to anybody in advance this kind of promise and guarantee in money?

Tennis Fastest Improvements via RTC with Mili's Split Method May 2016 by Coach

Simply - this my method is a secret. This is why all my videos and seminars I show just 1 little part of teaching technique. You took general knowledge and i am absolutely sure it is big ... but many excellent players who also took diplomas are too. Any day you can check me out with Skype or come where I am, I work almost every day. Mili +381 60 60 60 848 Skype: mili.veljkovic
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