Split Method


In success of learning  new motor skill, more sciences are involved:

  1. Methodic of learning i.e. teaching – a way of teaching, when and what will you teach a player, in which order, how long, with what intensity …
  2. Psihology of learning i.e. teaching – involves both, student and teacher. Understanding the principles of learning – teaching, the teacher implements an adequate method.
  3. Neuro-physiology- when methodology merge all these sciences we produce strong synergy and the result can be with surprising successful results. Physical and cognitive currant condition plays a significant role.

“When the stroke has not perfect bio-mechanic, there are mental and physical
exercises that can completely tune-up desired stroke production from the very first move till the after the follow-through. There is cure for each possible obstacle,
regardless for how long the error exist”.

Mili’s One Handed Backhand, Forehand and Two Handed Backhand method has unique scientific approach on the question: “How to break “old” bad habits?” Forehand and Two-Handed-Backhand you can do with open stance but One Handed Backhand not really well enough!

The procedure:

  • Video Recording and assessing / agreeing of the technique level (via Skype/video clip/YouTube …)
  • Agreeing on what is the 1st phase goal
  • Agreeing and signing you don’t use the learned “Know-How” in professional purposes
  • Agreeing on the cost – depending of the desired goal and time needed
  • The payment is always before the “treatment”
  • The course ending is video recording to prove that I have fulfilled the promise
  • Agreeing to once in a month do the “check in” via Skype
  • We talk about further steps after the “Must Do F&B Course”

About the method (MSM)
What does it do?
What’s the science behind?
About the method (MSM)

  • In our MSM tennis academy in Belgrade, Serbia, we teach beginners and intermediate level with PTR methodology. Higher skill level players we treat with Mili’s Split method in order to prepare them for “Modern tennis stile“, like the one that Oskar Wagner (and we in TC Partizan) teach and endorse (stances are much more open etc).
  • MSM Mili Split Method is for all tennis players whose technique i.e. bio mechanic is not yet excellent even they have been playing and learning tennis for more years
  • The MSM “treatment’s job” is to create neuro-genesis, the new perfect Backhand or Forehand
  • This program is made of carefully thought out physical and mental exercises.
  • Mili Split Method (MSM) was made to fix One Handed Backhand’ biomechanics.
  • Besides on 1-H-Backhand, method has very strong impact on Forehand’s quality
  • Process requires high discipline and promised results are guaranteed
  • Mili’s Method is the result of 20 years of international tennis coaching work and academic research (2007).

What does it do?

  • It completely cleans out all Forehand and Backhand errors (if they are any : )
  • If the technique i.e. biomechanics are not perfect – it will be in less than a week!
  • Method recreates “new Forehand and/or Backhand” brain – muscle
  • Relearning process means Neuro-Genesis i.e. growing new neural pathways
  • The exercises also improve body weight transfer what immediately stabilizes the groundstrokes and increases the precision, too.
  • Softens the arm and the whole stroke production
  • Saves energy, hitting will be more effortless!

What’s the science behind?

  • Method provides that you easier memorize the new stroke production mechanism.
  • MSM tennis brain mapping vastly accelerates neurogenesis (“muscle memory”) process
  • Other key factors that speed up the new motor skills acquisition are the feedbacks we use: teacher’s verbal immediate feedback where is very important what to say, when to say, how to say and how often, for how long, in what order to use thought out exercises etc.
  • We don’t fix errors – we learn the whole new stroke production, but everything “positive/correct” from the old stroke will remain and will be the majority in the new one! On the other side, everything what was “not good” – will be replaced, will be forgotten.
  • The brain operates in much the same way as the rest of the body. It operates under the “use it or lose it” principle.
  • Perfect biomechanics are much easier to memorize.


  • Method’s “rules” must be followed precisely!
  • The main 7 day course F&B takes 6 lessons in 6 days (1.5 hour lesson) and 6 sleeping nights. On the Day 7 we video record the outcome!
  • The course for 1 of the groundstrokes takes 3 lessons in 3 days and 3 sleeping nights. On the Day 4 we record the outcome.
  • MSM is made for F & B improvement of advanced and intermediate tennis players!
  • If a player doesn’t do as told, Mili’s guarantee is off – course ends!
  • Hitting speed and power mustn’t go over 50, 60% of maximum – during the first two weeks!
  • During the course it is strictly forbidden to play on points, ONLY given exercises are allowed!
  • Homework exercises are obligatory, yes – there are “must 10 minutes homework exercises per day!
  • Record your homework exercises in order to claim double or triple money back guarantee, in a case you don’t improve at least 20% !
  • Mili: “It is absolutely impossible not to improve!”

Dunja 8, Forehand Backhand “Before-After” 2-week-course Split method

Tennis Fastest Improvements via RTC with Mili’s Split Method May 2016 by Coach

Fastest results One Handed Backhand by Mili Split Method