Split Method

Improve Forehand Backhand in 1 week course

The MSM Forehand and / or Backhand course

Our Forehand and / or Backhand course is proven scientifically with successful statistic of 100% since 2007 when the method was finally crystallized after 20 years of searching for an ideal method.

The main issue was how to learn or how to correct Forehand and/or Backhand if a player has been creating for years his/her own strokes that have errors.

Using MSM exercises 6 days in a row with less than 2 hours per day can surely create new “muscle memory” but only if method’s rules are followed exactly as agreed!

The practice and the theory has showed that the method ALWAYS works. There are no exceptions to this rule. It can not be implemented immediately in the “game on points”. First two weeks we use 50 to 60% of maximum power/speed! Slowly we increase the speed!

We start with classic Forehand and Backhand “MUST DO” COURSE. The course is the same for all – unless the technique level is high as 8 or 9 (of 10).

After this the most important course – we do all other technical elements.

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