Split Method

Backhand Forehand technique levels (1 to 10)

One handed Backhand and Forehand technique level we can easily improve if there is any room for improvement. If, from 1 to 10, we grade one’s technique level, what would be 10?

Not only that we can assess a tennis technical element, (for example – Forehand on the rise) we can assess any skill around us that we practice and learn: anatomy exam, a piano sonata for exam in music high school or … just any goal that we want co accomplish . Since this is site for tennis serious community let us agree on what is level 10 of 10?

When is a certain stroke perfect and to be graded as 10?

The easiest and objective way is to stand in front of a tennis wall and to determine a target.

What would be the level of 10?

If you can hit rallies, using 50% of power, longer than 10 precise balls in a row, with smooth and effortless moves and having total balance control after the stroke, than, your level of that particular stroke is 9.

If you can do the same but using 80% of power (maximum used speed) – you “have” 10!